Monday, May 4, 2015

Week #27 - 20 Open Your Mouths (OYMs)!!!

Elder Baldove and Elder Dahle with the kids of Mangaldan

Hey Mom and Dad

Well this week was way intense. There is a new goal in the mission of doing 20 OYM's (open your mouths) everyday. IT IS SO HARD. We set aside 2 hours one day to do it and we could only get 16! Its really time consuming and super exhausting. We do our best to teach all of them and whenever you teach a new investigator you count it in your key indicators as a new inv. at the end of the day. We got 23 NI's!! So now we have no shortage of people to teach. Elder Baldove is a really sweet kid, way humble, teachable. He has a really wonderful depth of Spirit and character. Training is way cool, I am pretty sure I am learning more than he is! We have tons of fun, I feel really close to him as a friend and we are doing some serious work here. I am so excited for the call, feel free to invite colby steve and whoever to come I want to see them. I love you so much!!!

Elder Dahle

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