Monday, May 18, 2015

Week #29 - Busy Week!

Dear Mom & Dad,

This has been a busy, tough week and I am sorry that I don't have much time to write. Quick update - WE HAVE 6 IBD's! and one of them is being baptized on May 30! She is the most elect human being I have yet to teach. Also there is a member here in our branch who doesn't have a Baptism Record. So we have to re- teach and re-baptized a member who hasn't missed a Sunday of church since they got baptized over 13 years ago. WEIRD. Haha that's way funky. Anyway, I am really really happy here working, please have a good week! I love you!!

Elder Dahle

(Alex explains in a rapid fire email that IBD is "Ivestigator with a Baptism Date")

I will be honest when I say Im not too worried about the competition haha 
"sorry president, the cows joined the adversary and we couldn't get to our appointment"

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