Monday, May 11, 2015

Week #28 - Mother's Day Skype Call!!!


 High points in our Mother’s Day Skype with Elder Alex Dahle
· Elder Baldove seems really sweet!
· He loves being a trainer!!! Open area is hard!
· Their time is very filled with looking for and teaching investigators.
· Not as much time with service because they are in an “open-area”
· They have 6 investigators on date for baptism right now! PRAY FOR THEM!!!
· Has many scriptures memorized in English and Tagalog. Favorite right now is in Corinthians
· It is 110+ degrees and right now is dry but they have had some big rain storms lately.
· Highest temp was 123 degrees . . . HOT!!! Admitted to NOT wearing sun screen!
· Food – dog (big not small like Ava), ballut egg (egg very close to hatching – bones and all), and blood meat and dip, chicken feet
· Grossest food – chicken intestines very full of waste! L
· Yes Josh . . . he caught a lizard just the other day!
· And they caught a huge spider in their apartment the size of his fist!
· He is now in a much more urban area – and have access to a dunkin donuts and some other fast food favorites etc.!
· He was clearly struggling with English! He told a story of how he and Elder Arrington were struggling and debating for a hour and a half to remember the American word for “oven mit” Hehehe!
· He now uses rubber shoes he bought there during the week – they keep his feet dry and he uses his nicer ones for Sundays
· They have a very sweet, hard working, lady that does their laundry for them.
· He wishes he had not slept through seminary!
· He was blown away by how his siblings have grown!
· He LOVES the people!
· The place is very BEAUTIFUL!!!
· He spoke with his siblings alone – their memories:
              Work hard on getting ready to go on missions

              Do what you believe is right!
· Spoke with Joey, Tori, Ali, Steve & Colby
              Lots of laughter between the bunch of them!
              Song lyrics & lots of teasing!
              Plans – graduation – etc was talked about
· Spoke with Grandad
             He misses going to the temple!
             They have chosen a site for the Urdanetta Temple but he probably won’t be there   when it is finished.
· Spoke with Mom and Dad

            Lots of tears!
            He loves and misses all of us!
            Keep writing letters!

After his skype he was given time to email us as well!

Talking to all of you was so wonderful! I wish I could have had just an hour with each of you! Because I can't, I just want to write each of you a little bit.

Dad and Mom.
I just want to thank you and tell you I love you and that I am only who I am today because of my two wonderful parents. You built the foundation for me to reach my potential. Don’t ever regret the hard times. Afterall it is in the furnace that metal is shaped to its form. I needed those hard times. please go review the talk from conference about the music of the Gospel. I love you!!! Please just keep trying. That’s all that is required of you. God will do the rest. You do your best.

I just want you to know how much I love you, and that I am so proud of you. I am so proud of your accomplishments in education, in work, in church. I want you to know that you have always been a good example for me, and I know I didnt understand when I was younger but now I think everyday about how strong your testimony is and how close you are to your heavenly father, and how I can follow that example to strengthen my own testimony. Often I read the words you wrote in the first pages of my journal. Those have become true words to live by, and the words I share (not in English) with many of the people we teach.

You are HUGE dude. Like woah. Seeing how much you have grown is ridiculous! What are you eating!? haha I love you man. I just want you to know I miss hanging out with you. I miss playing xbox till the early hours of the morning and driving in my car listening to really really "phat" Dubstep. I miss your goofy impersonations of movies, actors, and really anything your imagination seemed to create. As you grow, please. DO NOT lose your imagination. Everyone thinks when you grow up you have to get rid of that and think more logically, scientifically, and "realistically". But what is "realistic, logical, and scientific" is only the stuff that exists now because someone had the imagination to think it up before. Do not ever lose your imagination. I love you so much Ethan.

Joshua. You are sooooo TALL!! Its ridiculous! I dont even think I grew that much! haha. But I also noticed not just your change height. But there is something different about your face. Something different about your face. More mature. I can tell you have grown and taken a step closer towards that young man that is going to lead people. The young man that is going to be a light in dark places. A source of peace in chaos. And most importantly and worthy priesthood holder through which God will visit his people. God will make you an instrument in the next few years. But you have to keep yourself refined. A knife only works when its sharp. A pen needs ink. A machine must be greased with all its parts. Keep your life in order. Do not disfigure or damge your precious spirit with ANYTHING that comes from the adversary. I love you Josh. Though there may be lessons you will learn the hard way as I have. Learn them once, not repeatedly. I love you so much.

Samantha you are so much older! What the freak is happening to all my siblings!! haha Samantha please always know you are loved by your big brother. I miss you. I miss that crazy frenzy laugh when we were goofin off and telling stories. I miss you so much Sam. I love you very much. Keep away from boys, they are not to be trusted. Do good in school, etc. And dont forget that life is GREAT. Life is wonderful. It is supposed to be. The trials and difficulties are there to give up beautiful contrast. I love you Sam.

Love, Elder Dahle

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