Monday, April 27, 2015

Week # 26 - Training NOW! New Area, New Companion - Mangaldan

Hey Mom and Dad,

Well I transferred. That is nuts. My trainee is Elder Baldove, a Filipino from Quezon City (you have no idea how happy I am that he is Filipino). The past week we have done some really awesome work and even just with 3 days of work here in Mangaldan our stats look like my stats from San Manuel, so a whole week is going to be awesome. I feel some really personal responsibility for the trust the Lord has given me with this trainee and the 2nd most progressing area in the mission. The difference in this area is night and day from my previous. Still have things to improve on but it is significantly more manageable than San Manuel.

Anyway I just want to share a little bit from my personal study today that blew my mind. I really have been studying the life of Jesus and the things he did. I studied about when he was taken up to the mountain to be tempted. I thought it was really interesting, Satans use of the word "if". "if thou be the Son of Man, change these rocks to bread" Knowing Christ was human, and still had weaknesses (though he was perfect) Satan would do anything to get Christ to doubt his divine and Royal lineage. Then later Satan works through those passerby's as Christ is on the Cross "IF thou be the Christ" The adversary will do to get us to doubt our potential and destination and royal sons and daughters of God. And it is also interesting the way he tempts Jesus. "turn the stones into bread..." To be clear this action is not inherently bad. Jesus (having complete control of the natural and physical state of all his creations) could easily do this. In fact only 2 weeks later he changes water to wine for his mother. the difference is WHO is offering it. There are examples of this in our world today. Sex between a man and a woman is not bad BUT if outside the bonds of marriage it is from the adversary. Sometimes we say "oh the content in this movie is bad but it doesnt hurt you" But that is not even the issue! it is less the sex, drug use, swearing, and violence in the film but WHO is offering those things. Anyway haha that was a way cool study I wanted to share, Iove you have a good week!

Elder Dahle

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