Monday, January 12, 2015

Week #11 - Translating on the Fly is dangerous:-) When it gets hard to Stand - Kneel!

Hello family and friends!

Well I dont have much time but I am going to start this with a very embarrassing experience haha. So we went to go teach this Nanay which is just a word for a woman who is a mother or grandmother. In this case it was an older woman. She has just been way sad and down and no one can find out why. We usually go and just sing to her or talk to her about life. So on tuesday we were talking to her and I had a spiritual thought prepared for her about the power of prayer. We shared a story and I wanted to share a quote from our last district workshop that said "when it gets too hard to stand, kneel" or in Tagalog "Kapag ang hirap Tumayo, Lumuhod kayo" So I translated it on the spot and then we went on with the lesson. When we walked out My companion put his arm around me and just started busting out laughing. Apparently I accidentally said "Tumae" which is poop. So when it gets hard to poop kneel haha. Anyway I love you all so much!!

Elder Dahle!!

Hi family!

Well, this week has been intense. Make sure you read my other letter home to all friends and what not cuz I will include some details there that I wont put here to save some time haha. But the theme of this week has been that the Lord works in mysterious ways. Its like all week he was busy making sure that my companion and I were in the right place at the right time. As if every single appointment we had was a specific scheduled event in the grand scheme, because it is! We now have two investigators on date and they are both so great. One is an old Nanay (kinda like a grandma) and she cant remember how to pray!! haha poor lady. So the Zone leaders say if we can get her to pray, we can baptize her haha. The other is Albert and he is just the most wonderful glowing, humble person I have ever taught haha, He is very close and will probably be my first baptism!! Also we found 2 families, and I really feel good about them. They have a ways to go, but I have faith that God brought us to them to at least plant the seed.

Paige: You would laugh so hard at all the English mistakes on signs here!! hah we ate at a place yesterday called "This is eat" haha because everyone here tries to speak and do their advertisements in English, but no one is really that good at it haha. Anyway I love you! I think about you often haha, I wish you could here my English right now. Its bad! I have a hard time saying stuff in the right order, and my journal is a mess! Maybe I will just start writing in Tagalog from now on. Also I am learning a little Pangasinan and Illocano along the way! Stay strong God loves you!!!

Ethan: Ha well bud you would be proud of me, I have been working out hard every morning here. I do a deck of cards every morning, so I just take the deck and flip a card, then do its worth in push-ups until the deck is gone ha. Im getting jacked. Anyway, I love you bud, stay 
tough, stay worthy Mahalna-mahal kita, kayo ay aking pinakamamahal na kapatid tinawag )(I love you, you are my beloved brother) Ethan haha.

Josh: Hey bud I miss you so much!!! I want you to know that. I really do. I miss your inventive mind and sometimes I have to try to think like you do to solve problems. And that is what life is about! Solving problems, so always work smarter, not harder, okay!? I love you bud! Work on your eagle scout!

Samantha: Thank you so much for your letter! It was so nice to hear from you!! I love you Sam, and I got something way cool for you here from the Philippines. I saw it and knew I had to get it for you! I love you Samantha! Read your scriptures!!

I love you all!!
Elder Dahle

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