Monday, January 19, 2015

Week #12 - Smile In the Face of Adversity - it shows FAITH!

Hey all,

Well this week has been way hard. We just got punted the whole entire week and people were hiding from us, and yelling at us, insulting us, we got chased by dogs. It was just a very depressing and discouraging week. I really spent the whole week forcing myself to smile regardless of circumstances. Because that is in its own way, a way for us to show faith. Faith that no matter what, God is going to put the people in our path who need us now and are ready for what we have to say. Its hard to watch people struggle. Its hard to watch their families in shambles. Its hard to not really be able to communicate as well as I want to. But sometimes me not knowing the language that well makes me a better teacher. It forces me to only say what I have to. To give this message through short and powerful statements. It doesn't leave me room to over elaborate or to say too much. Because I am not the real teacher. Its the Spirit of God. It is the feeling we get when something really speaks to us. Not just to our ears, but to our hearts too. Its like it hits us right in the center of our being. It changes the feeling in a room. Its like its all around you, increasing the pressure in the room. And it doesn't matter that I just walked 4 miles to get to that appointment, or that its a billion degrees outside. Its almost exhausting to have the power of God work through me like that. And as soon as the words leave my mouth, no matter how broken or terrible my Tagalog sounds, I can feel it impact them. I can feel when it means something to them. Its like all the hair on my arms and the back of my neck stands up. Like an audience in some kind of applause, moved by the words I say. And I never know what to say, not walking up to the door, not when I sit down, not when my companion looks at me to give the time to me to speak, not even right when I open my mouth. Its like I just open my mouth and it all just falls out. That it is real. That is the most real thing I have ever felt. Its scary too. For me and the person I am talking to. Its scary for them to. Its scary for them to hear that they might have to change or make sacrifices to keep Gods commandments. But the promised blessings are what make it worth it. I want everyone to go read Mosiah 2:41. Because that is the promised blessing when we do what we need to do. I love you all so much! Stay strong!

Elder Dahle

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