Saturday, November 22, 2014

Week #4 - Family Letters

Just had to share these!

Hey Mom,

This week has been way better honestly. It tough to see another district go, I am gonna miss Elder Nibarger, he is going to be such a good missionary in the field. I am so ready to be out of the cold and in the Philippines. But 1st things 1st I guess. Tagalog grammar structure is so flippin wierd. rather than conjugate just the verb, you conjugate the whole sentence. not on who the actor is, but on the focus and tense blah blah blah. hah you would kill me. I STUDY! all the time haha I love study time haha I know crazy lol. Anyway I wanted to write a short not to my siblings make sure they get them, yeah?

Ethan :
Hey goofy. I sure miss you and your Scottish accent. Not even the real Scotsmen here seem to do it as good as you do haha. Keep your grades and what not up blah blah blah, girls are trouble, tell braden I said Kumusta!! haha I love you bro. MAGANDANG GABI!!

haha my whole district thought your dear elder to me was the greatest thing ever and we pinned it up to our wall hahaha I miss you bud, I miss your inventive mind and I find myself trying to be as smart as you when I am making my lesson plans. I love you Bud!!!! Stay worthy of you priestood okay? that is the MOST IMPORTANT THING RIGHT NOW. Mahal kita!!!!

Hey Sammy,
I misss you!!! I hope you are doing well. Your dear elders to me are the most powerful source of motivation ever!! keep it up silly I love you!! do good in school!! be kind to others!! PRAY EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!!!!

Elder Dahle

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