Saturday, November 29, 2014

Week #5: THERE ARE NO coincidences!

Well, this is it. My district is the oldest in the whole zone, we are next in line to get out of here on a 21 hour flight to the Philippines. Its almost as surreal as the days leading up to my departure. As I'm sitting here, our branch president just came in and let me know that our travel plans are in the travel office. Hahaha that's insane.

Anyway, sooooo much has happened this week. First off, I was called to be district leader and that's way cool, I am excited to give it my best and help get this district out of the MTC and in to the field. Also we had the most amazing devotionals this week. The choir director here is the same choir director who led the MTC mens choir at this last general conference, and he is incredible, and he picks spectacular music. The songs we have done so far are Mack Wilberg's Praise to the man, Nearer my God to Thee and Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing (yeah, the one with the 8 part harmony split and dog whistle notes at the end in soprano 1). I LOVE MACK WILBERG.

Dallin H. Oaks came and gave an incredible talk, and then DAVID A. BEDNAR showed up. And rather than give a talk, they passed out hundreds of cellphones and we go to text questions straight to his Ipad. That was so cool. Then we did a service project and he just walked up and started working right next to me. I had a good 30 min conversation with Elder Bednar. That was incredible! Haha!

The MTC is going alright, but getting letters from the missionaries in the field makes me want to get out there so bad. Our investigators here in the MTC are throwing us through a loop. Yesterday everyone of them told us either that they didn't think we could help them, or they didn't want to talk to us anymore or that they had a drinking problem. Its been rough, but I want to share one awesome experience I had.

We were teaching and investigator named Beronica. She is 26 years old, single mother of 3 and she is blind. Halfway through our lesson she just fell apart. Her Tagalog was so fast I couldn't even keep up. I didn't understand the words she said but, I understand want she meant. She was mad that god made her blind and that she could see her kids. And I just opened my Aklat ni Mormon and read the first verse I saw. Then just kept talking to her. 100% in Tagalog. I don't even remember what I said. We walked out and my companion was like "what did you even say?" I told him I didn't know, we looked up the scripture in English since I had no clue what it said, and it told her that in heaven Our bodies would be perfected and not even a hair on our head would be missing.

That was incredible and I know I was inspired to say those things and share that with her. I want to close with a piece of advice. God answers prayers. And everyone wishes that they would just have incredible experiences, visitations from angels, and a booming voice from the heavens. But most of the time divine inspirations is like a foggy day. There's enough light, that you can tell its not dark anymore, but its not brilliantly illuminated, only just enough light to let you take a few steps in front of you. God sends us tender mercies to remind us he is there. THERE ARE NO coincidences. at all. God drops little hints here and there to keep us going. Accept those and proudly put one foot after the other trusting that he will keep you walking true north. I love you all!!!!

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