Saturday, November 8, 2014

Week #2 - Life is hard. Mahirap ang buhay.


I am just going to be really honest and let you know that this is really hard and I am struggling a lot. This week has been okay but for the most part incredibly discouraging. We spent the week teaching a fake investigator in tagalog. My companion and I were the only companionship that didn't get a baptismal commitment from her. Felt the spirit in lessons, and she said she felt the BOM was true. So im not really sure what the deal was. I am missing everyone a lot and I am incredibly homesick. I go through waves and phases of put pictures up and taking them out of sight. My companion refuses to study the language then wonders why he cant find anything to say in the middle of the lesson so I basically just teach the whole lesson. Elder Hennessy is having the same problem with his companion. I am just having a pretty rough time and I could really use some prayers. Also the Dear Elders have helped a lot. Nothing raises my spirits like going to the mail room before lunch and seeing envelopes with my name on it. Mom, the day you sent brownies, the other three elders in my room also got dear elder brownies so we have 4 huge pans of brownies in my room. The food here is pretty good although it messes with you stomach. Go look up Jeremiah 4:19-21. That pretty much describes the food here. Elder Brown (Elder Hennessy's Companion) snores so loud. I seriously have not made it a whole night without waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to go back to sleep because of his snoring. It is a serious problem. Last night I only slept 6 hours, we have tried medicine and ear plugs and all sorts of stuff. We usually just keep a pile of miscellaneous stuff to throw at him when he wakes us up in the middle of the night. After our last lesson with our investigator Mary Grace, we walked into our class room the next day only to find out she is going to be one of our teachers for the rest of our time here at the MTC. So on monday asked if we could sit down with her and talk and see what went wrong.

We spend about 16 hours a day in the class room. 10 for class instruction. 6 for personal and companionship study. So lack of sleep, upset stomach, homesick, and learning a new language. Trying to learn in class is like drinking out of a fire hydrant. You get some water but in pretty much just hurts your face. Dont worry about me coming home early or anything. Im not going to do that, I think it will get better, and I know im supposed to be here. I know in the preexistence I made promises with people in the Philippines that I would do this and come find and help them. This is an incredible amazing experience and the comfort of the guys in my zone is really holding me together. God knew what I needed, the guys Im with are so much like my friends. Elder Tanner is a lot like Colby and Josh May put together. Elder Hennessy is kinda like Nate Wallace and Austin. Elder Brown is like Ethan. Like exactly like Ethan. Hes just a funny goofball who makes faces and noises to keep the mood light.

I want to close this weekly letter with a piece of advice for all my friends and family. Life is hard. Mahirap ang buhay. But it is supposed to be like that. It is supposed to be really scary. You are supposed to stand on the edge of every life choice and say wow this is impossible. How am I going to do this. But do it. Austin go on tour. Joey, be a mortician. Colby join a drumcorps, be an engineer. But whatever you decide to do, don't do it with your hands in you pockets, standing on the sidelines waiting for a big break. Everything you have every wanted is in front of you, if only you have the strength and tenacity to stretch yourself a little more, reach a little further, leave the sideline, join the game, and play to win.

Elder Dahle

PS, I desperately want the emails of Colby Calk, Steve Alvarez, Josh May, pretty much the whole drumline, with Logan and all. And please keep up the Dear Elders. it is incredibly motivating.

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