Sunday, November 2, 2014

First Letter Home - November 1, 2014 - Where are you going?

After spending a day with Paige and Robbie we finally drove to the MTC. That in itself is quite the endeavor. You basically drive up to the curb in a line of probably 100 other cars, and you are greeted by a host (which is just another elder in his 4th week of the MTC with a host sticker on his shirt). After a tearful goodbye to my sister and Robbie, I was sent through a crucible of questions.
"whats your name"

"Is your suit pocket sewn shut"

"did we spell your name correct on your name tag?"

"Where's your immunization record"

being pushed through all these stations and being handed about a million different things, name tag, a huge back of books and teaching/study material. And the most frequent and probably most important question I got was.

'Where are you going!"

That question hits me hard. Where are you going. Just 48 hours earlier I would have replied simply with "home" now I proudly respond with "Magmimisyon po ako sa Urdaneta Pilipinas!"
The language is tough. And I am never really sure what is going on because our teacher Bro. Smith doesn't speak English. He can, but he doesn't. First day of class he just constantly was drilling us with questions, as he smiled knowing we could not understand.

"Kumusta po kayo!? Mabuti??"

"Saan Po Kayo Magmimisyon!?"

"Ano Po ang Pangalan ninyo!?"

I of course know the answer to every one of these now. My companion is named Elder Tanner, and I am in a district with 7 sisters and 4 elders including myself. Elder Brown, Elder Tanner and Elder Hennessey. I LOVE these guys Mahal mahal mahal mga kasama ko.

Yesterday (friday) we taught our first investigator in Tagalog. It was 45 min long and I spoke 100 tagalog and lead the lesson. at the end of the lesson after I bore my testimony I looked up and our investigator Mary Grace was crying. And we committed her to read the book of mormon and pray to know its true. Almost every night the 4 of us go to bed tired and home sick. We pray all of the time, especially for the gift of tongues to better know the language or "kaloob ng mga wika" but I love these guys, I am happy to be here and I know this is what I am supposed to do. I love you all so much, look into dear for me, you can write letters and they will be printed here at the MTC and given to me at lunch EVERYDAY, I could really use some daily family/ friend contact.

Love Elder Dahle

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