Monday, May 23, 2016

Week #83 - Just keep swimming, just keep swimming . . . in missionary terms - Have faith!

Hey Mom & Dad,

Sounds like New Orleans is a pretty rough place haha. We also see a lot of that kind of behavior here, and it is pretty hard to see. I am glad you ate a bunch of seafood Mom:) thats pretty much all my diet here.

Anyway. Well. Lester did not come to church. We are going to his house again tomorrow and we may just have to drop him. And that sucks:( but we dont have much of a choice. He has to use his agency and we have to allow him to choose. There are a whole lot of things holding him back, but I think the biggest one is what I said last time; he just wants to feed his brain, not his spirit. And that has lead him to search in places that wont give him the correct answers. We are going to have him try and come to the baptismal service of the other missionaries in our ward and pray that he feels the spirit there.

We did not get to teach Lawrence this week. He wasn't home at all so we are not really sure what is going on there. We will keep on trying this week.

We have a TON of new investigators right now.

One of them is a teacher at a nearby elementary school so we call her Madam Nelly.

She recieved the Restoration and the Book of Mormon so readily and passionately. She did not accept the Baptismal Date on the first lesson, but we re-extended the next time; and because she read the Book of Mormon and noticed that she felt 'light' and 'happy' while we were teaching, she took the date and promised to prepare. BUT she didnt come to church. So we will go back tomorrow and see why not ha. They usually dont come the 1st time so I am not too worried, but I hope that she still has that fire and passion for what we are teaching here

Anyway, the zone is doing way good right now:) Elder DaBell and I are having a blast too.

Thats All I have this week! LOVE YOU!!!

Elder Dahle


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