Monday, May 16, 2016

Week #82 - "We do not come here to earth to find our worth, we bring it with us"

Magandang tanghali!!!

This week was crazy fun. Because it is transfer week. NO I did not transfer and I am still holding on to the hope that I wont until I go home; it is my last and only chance to stay in an area for more than 3 months. But I guess we will just have to see haha. Anyway, because it is transfer week and Elder Eter's companion finished his mission, we spent most of the week in a triplet. This meant that I got to go back and visit ward 6! It was so nice to see all the members again and catch up with them, although it seems that not much has changed there.

Well, on another note; the sisters in my batch just got home this week. It is almost terrifying how fast this is coming. I have less than 5 and a half months. GAH. And my companion has only half that left. Nevertheless, we are not getting the least bit lazy or slacking. Im pretty proud of my companion, regardless of how close he is, he is just diligently pushing through as if he just got here.

Anyway, I will try to slowly answer those questions about college, you can expect it in a couple months, maybe I will have it done by late june or early july. Do those also work for Provo? And also what about that recording school that Ryan did? Can you get me some info on that? Anyway enough of that, it seems all too unreal right now.

OK, investigators.

Well Lester really really hit a bit of a road block. He got in a huge fight with the person from another ward who referred him to the church. You could imagine how that may be a problem. He seems to be struggling with his testimony because he wants to feed his mind, not his heart. He wants to just know it all, but thats not how the gospel works. You feel it. Anyway, I still believe that he will be baptised, but he just needs to keep on praying and having spiritual experiences. I really love this investigator a lot and it would be tough for me to see him not accept the message. Keep praying for him.

Anyway, we have a lot of others, but those are the focus right now. The Lord is really giving them all the evidence he can that he is there, they just have to soften their hearts and see it.

In closing I will share something that Elder DaBell shared with me that Dad said in his email that I felt was really profound.

"We do not come here to earth to find our worth, we bring it with us"

I love you all!:)

Elder Dahle

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