Monday, March 14, 2016

Week #73 - A Baptism, a growing ward and Music Again!!!

Hey Family!

(I wrote some of this on paper last night so it should be a little easy to read)

Well I cant even describe to you all the blessings and miracles that happened this week!

First of all we had a Baptism!!! Our "no-longer-nine-year-old-coffee-drinking" investigator, Daniel! (And I left my camera at the apartment, next week I will send pictures)

Our baptism was really special and though not many members came I really felt the Holy Spirit of promise when he went into the water and came back out with a big smile on his face :)

ALSO Our investigator Jonah (the very first one we found when I arrived here), passed her interview and will be baptized this saturday!

We have 3 other investigators who are really consistently coming to church and will also be baptized in the coming weeks:)

Another success was that 126 people attended church yesterday!!! Which is also a miracle considering the fact that when I got here there were only 43 people that attended the 1st week.

And all of this because we fasted 3 weeks in a row and prayed soooo hard for all those people by name. I know that these are blessings given by the Lord and we are neither talented nor strong enough to do it on our own.

This week is relentless week again! haha I am so excited and we are really going to try to stretch even further than the goals we achieved last relentless week haha :).

Anyway, yes I am doing music again! Because of the churches new #Hallelujah project I have been commissioned to do music again. (I am SO excited about:)) I am really excited about these upcoming performances because they will be much bigger than the previous ones. We are still in the scheduling and practicing process, but the venues are much much bigger. I may even go to radio stations and TV stations again haha. We will see haha just thinking about that gets me way nervous because I will be pretty much alone, unlike the choir haha.

I am writing a lot of tagalog songs to better appeal to the audience and I really have some cool arrangments of LDS hymns and Primary songs. Go look of Mormon Guitar "give said the little stream" on youtube ahaha. It is sooooo cool.

Anyway. I love you so much. I will send pictures next week:)

Elder Dahle

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