Monday, August 31, 2015

Week # 44 - 10 Month Mark & a new Companion

Hey Mom,

Well I didnt transfer!!! What a relief. Sleeping well, eating well, all is in order with my health. My new companion is SO COOL. I know him really really well because he was in the other companionship in my branch in Mangaldan. I remember going on exchanges with him and thinking, "Wow, what a solid missionary I have a lot to learn from him; hopefully we are companions in the future" Haha and here we are. So here we both are in Sta. Maria. And to put the cherry on top guess what is name is? Ha yep Elder Sta. Maria. I know its hilarious. I requested that President send me to "Dahle, Philippines" next transfer but I dont think that exists haha. Anyway he is this little filipino I met when I was in mangaldan, he is from Zamboanga City Philippines and he speaks freaking Chavacano which is broken spanish (he is teaching me so I can talk to Dad because they are easily exchangeable; President Monahan did his first interview in spanish ha). Its dope man. haha When I say little I mean it. He is 5'2''. Looks about 14. And has this ity bity tiny little voice haha. But he is the hardest working companion I have had so far. We are working so hard. Anyway, I will write to the blog next week. Tan amor yo con ustedes.

Elder Dahle

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