Monday, August 10, 2015

Week #41 Great news from my old area!


Wow. This week was SO GOOD. Haha, First off

I just received news from my BML in Mangaldan that

Marilyn's son is getting baptized along with 6 of my other previous investigators

According to my Magladan BML, Marilyn is expecting another child and she is going to name him/her after me (as in Dahle) hahah isnt that SO COOL

In other news Elder Atun and I are having a blast and are working hard. We have 3 BAPTISMS THIS WEEK!! Salvador, Ferdinand, and Aipie. Honestly these three investigators are the most converted people I have ever met. Ferdinand finished the Book of Mormon in 1 month. Salvador dropped smoking, drinking, and coffee cold turkey, all gone and thrown out in 1 day. And Aipie has been going to church as a special case investigator for more than 3 years now and has suffered persecution and even abuse from a family member for her dedication to the church.

These people are walking miracles. Some people think its the healing and the moving mountains that define the word "miracle". I disagree. Conversion is the miracle of this Gospel. The fact that people can change. I know that these people pass Alma's repentance questionnaire in Alma chapter 5 and can "sing the song of redeeming love"

The joy I feel from this comes from personal conversion. I too have felt my own change of heart and it grows to "god-ward" (2 corinthians 1-6) every single second I spend serving God and others. I love you all so much.

Elder Dahle

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