Monday, April 13, 2015


Magandang Buhay!

Hello all! I am so sorry it has been so long since I have sent a big email to all of you! To update.

1.I am still here in San Manuel, I did transfer but only to a different room in the house because there are two sets of Elders that live in this house.

2. My new companion is Elder Yadao from Ilocos Sur. He is waaayyyy cool, and can speak Ilicano, which is super useful for our investigators.

My new area is way different from my old one. It is 100% rice terraces. and to get to a lot of our investigators you have to walk through them on little paths no more than 8 inches wide to get to them. Also this new area is full of really really mangy dogs. I will send pictures. words can't describe!

Right now we have 2 really really cool investigators Ian and Anita. Anita is Ians grandma and she is is being baptized next week! Ian is the coolest Filipino kid I have yet. He and I are way tight and he is excited to follow his grandmas example!

Wow. What a wonderful conference.  All talks were inspired and motivating. I really needed that and now I feel a real sense of motivation to push over and through the struggles this branch has. As usual, this transfer was lightning fast compared to the rest. I feel the time I have here in the mission slipping out of my hands getting ready to drop me into the "real world" YIKES. But all is well. I am savoring this time to serve by giving it all I have got.
I love you all!!

Elder Dahle

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