Monday, January 18, 2016

Week #65 The Spirit keeps me on track in the hard times!


About the camera. Yes I need you to send me a new one asap. The watch got returned to me. Dont send me new glasses. I will just endure it haha. And there is one more thing I need... You are going to laugh and then probably freak out a little bit. My debit card is going to expire in February. I am not sure the best way for us to handle that. Hopefully if you send one it doesnt take forever to get here:/ I was going to treat my companion to a way nice pizza place on my birthday haha. Just let me know what you and Dad decide to do. Maybe next monday I withdraw a lot of money to suffice till the card arrives?

Anyway. This assignment is darn near impossible. No, its not impossible. But its close. I am just going to go ahead and open up to you right now about it. My companion and I are not doing well. I am really doing my best to be patient with him. But he truthfully doesnt want to be here. He wants to go home. He sleeps too much. Doesnt like talking to people. Sometimes refuses to speak or share in lessons. I often have to give him reminders about the schedule or such. I feel like a babysitter. and that doesnt help considering this are makes San Manuel look like a cake walk.

Its pretty obvious the Lord wants me to learn a lot this transfer. Sometimes when I feel myself getting impatient I can hear those words from one of the Seventies who spoke in conference about a similar situation, and the Lord spoke to his mind about his companion and said "you know, compared to me; the two of you are not that different". That humbling reminder from the Spirit usually keeps me on track.

To avoid a lot of details about it I will just say simply that the ward here is not unified. Leaders are not attending church. When they do come they engage in contention with one another. There is however one family which is the shining star of Dagupan 6. They are truly living the Gospel and reaping the blessings of it. They are helping us so much. Its incredible haha.

Anyway. I have to go. 

I love you,
Elder Dahle

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