Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Farewell at the Airport - October 28, 2014

Some words of advice from Grandad!

They really will miss each other weather they think they will or not:-)

This was the first of a whole bunch of hugs from Mom!  Just couldn't let go that easily. Where has the time gone? 

Alex & His Dad - one last hug! Couldn't be more proud!

A rough goodbye - last group selfie!

Amazing boy with an amazing group of kids!  The Tippecanoe Marching Band Drumline - former & current -  got up on extremely early to meet us at the airport to say goodbye! I am not sure who is going to miss who more?!?!

Last Family Picture

Roughest yet the proudest moment of this Mom's life!

Austin, Alex & Joey - the Three Amigos!

By the Time Alex gets back it will be interesting to see the differences and likenesses between these two!

And off he goes!

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